CleanHull Ltd provides the industry with a highly professional hull cleaning service and propeller polishing. With todays bunker prices on the increase, regular hull cleaning can be good business for the vessel owner! Most of our clients have reduced their fuel costs by up to 7-8% after our cleaning services.

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Environmentally Friendly Hull Cleaning

CleanHull Ltd utilises it's unique (fully patented) technology for cleaning of large, seagoing vessels. The "CleanROV" technology is a result of long-term and persistent efforts over many years, also in cooperation with significant international corporations. Our team of professionals have allowed for us to conduct hull cleanings at locations and situations where dive assisted technologies have failed. We are leaders at completing full hull cleaning operations at cargo terminals with both inboard vertical sides and flat bottoms regularly cleaned without affecting vessels schedules.

"Offering complete solutions to the ship industry for planning, accomplishment and documentation of underwater-cleaning, and contribute to more efficient operating economy"


The condition of a ship’s hull affects its speed, performance and safety. Sea-life such as algae and barnacles attach themselves to the vessel’s hull. As the hull becomes dirty and uneven, friction reduces the vessel’s speed, increases fuel consumption and places unnecessary strain on the hull and machinery....

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Singapore Cleanings at Terminals 08.07.2014

Waste Handling system-Algeciras

Periodical performance testing.

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